The alliance is part of an Indigenous Sovereignty resurgence taking place all over Turtle Island where Indigenous Peoples are reasserting themselves as the legitimate governments and caretakers of their territories.

The allied signatory Indigenous Nations aim to prevent a pipeline/train/tanker spill from poisoning their water and to stop the Tar Sands from increasing its output and becoming an even bigger obstacle to solving the climate crisis. The world might not be able to immediately stop using oil tomorrow, but the last thing it needs is more oil, and especially not more of the dirtiest oil on the planet. It is critical that we urgently start building a more sustainable future and signatory Nations want to be at the heart of that building process.

The Treaty’s ban includes the following new, converted or expanded pipeline infrastructure projects in Canada and the US, any of which, if allowed to proceed, would lead to a major expansion of the Tar Sands:

  • •  Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain
  • •  TransCanada’s Energy East
  • •  TransCanada’s Keystone XL
  • •  Enbridge’s Northern Gateway
  • •  Enbridge’s Line 3
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